Custom CRM Solutions

Realise your business ambitions with fully customised end-to-end CRM solutions

Most off-the-shelf CRM solutions focus on general stages of leads acquisition and conversion. However beyond leads conversion, each business actually has very different requirements for tracking the rest of customer’s journey. This explains why off-the-shelf CRM’s generic functions often fail to deliver and fall below business owners’ expectations.

Take for example, the Lifestyle Wellness and Fitness or Education industries focus on tracking membership packages and loyalty programs. Whereas the Wealth Management industry focus on tracking clients' on-going investment performances. It is simply impractical for different industries to use the same one-size-fits-all CRM solution in the long run.

When your existing CRM solution forces you to work around its limitations or even drop your business idea totally, it does affect your creativity, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

Why risk losing your hard-earned customers, your business potential to competition?

Talk to us. We can help you with a fully customised end-to-end CRM solution that aligns with your business and realises your business ambitions.

Since we implement the system, we have been getting positive feedback from our members. They really like the automated emails which remind them of their package status and to attend their classes…….the analytics module enables us to accurately track our member’s renewal status. With that knowledge, we are able to come up with tailored promotions and doubled our membership renewal rate!

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Our Custom CRM Development Services

  • Fully Integrated Business Processes Within A Single Software; Reduce Manual and Spreadsheet Processes

  • Serve Big Groups: Hundreds to Thousands of Customers

  • Customise Membership and Loyalty Packages Modules

  • Customise Appointments Module / Attendance Module

  • Customise Marketing Communications and Updates: Automated SMSes, Emails to Target Customer Groups

  • Customise Data Analytics on Customers’ Spending and Revenue Tracking

  • Customise Financial and Business Reporting

  • Customise Sales Commission Module (e.g Different Sales Commission Tiers)

  • And More...