Custom ERP Solutions

We develop lean and fit ERP solutions for what matters most to your business

Different businesses have different requirements for ERP software; even among businesses within the same industry.

While off-the-shelf ERP software allows for some degrees of customisation, they often fall short of expectations during implementation.

When you need very specific technology for your business or industry, customising off-the-shelf software is unlikely to achieve all your requirements because of its existing framework limitations. This can turn out to be even more time consuming and costly for you in the long run.

It’s tempting to get an ERP system with jam-packed features. Do you need them ALL in the first place? Are these predefined software processes suitable for your particular business environment and challenges? Are you comfortable to mould your business' best practices around these predefined software processes? Are they helping you get what you really want DONE?

In contrast, a laser focused and fully customised ERP solution aligns with your business needs and can help you get what matters most to your business DONE.

It is time to re-think about FOCUS.

Tee always seems to “get it” and recommend the most suitable solution. We could have wasted time and resources developing unnecessary features, if not for his timely advice.

Dr Ng Tsorng Chinn
Founder and Director
Faith Medical Group

Our Custom ERP Development Services

  • Fully Integrated Business Processes Within A Single Software; Reduce Manual and Spreadsheet Processes

  • User Interface Design and Tailor Code To Your Business Workflows

  • Customise Email and SMS Solutions

  • Customise Financial and Business Reporting

  • Data Analytics | Performance Analytics

  • 3rd Party API Integration

  • Customise Software Solutions

  • Data Migration From Existing Systems

  • Full Customisation Without Software Bloat

  • And More...