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My Art Space

As our business grow, along with the numbers of members, our staff were overwhelmed with daily manual operations. We realized that we need proper software system to increase effectiveness of our staff. We searched hard but could not find the right software that can fit our operation and do everything we need.

We decided to approach Cellsist to build our dream studio software. Tee came to our studio several times to really understand our business workflow. He has a very friendly approach and does not try to confuse us with “techie language“. He was able to recommend a fitting solution for any tricky requirements we throw at him. We are so glad that the customized software is able to adapt to our business, not the other way around.

Since we implement the system, we have been getting positive feedbacks from our members. They really like the automated emails which reminds them of package status and to attend their classes. Our staff are happier too because they can now enjoy a more systematic and speedy operation, freeing them from mundane tasks and focus more on customers.

The system positively impact our business too. For example, the analytic module enable us to accurately track our member’s renewal status. With that knowledge, we are able to come up with tailored promotion and doubled our membership renewal rate! In general, we save precious time during operation which allowed us to focus more on our marketing activities. The system definitely plays a part to help increase our revenue.

We strongly recommend Cellsist to businesses who wish to improve their operation with customized software system!

Teh Chan Kerk
Founder, My Art Space

FAITH Medical Group

Our vision is to use technology to run a more standardized operation, across the growing number of clinic outlets in our group. The most important piece is a tailor-made Clinic Management System that can incorporate the best practices we have learnt over decades of clinical experiences.

Foreseeing huge amount of transaction and patient data, we started looking for a software development company with strong data analytic background, Cellsist came highly recommended to us by our IT infrastructure vendor.

We are not technical people ourselves, so sometimes we find it difficult to convey exactly what we want to build. However, Tee always seems to “get it” and recommend the most suitable solution. He always focuses on the true intent of our request, helping us understand the pros and cons of various approaches, before recommending the most appropriate one. We could have wasted time and resource developing unnecessary features, if not for his timely advice.

We were pleasantly surprised that the cutover from our legacy Clinic Management System went about very smoothly. All historical patient and transactional records were intact. Our staff remarked that the new system is very user friendly, the pages load faster and the interface is very intuitive to use.

The system has been very stable since it went live, running efficiently 7 days a week with no disruptive downtime. We have since requested enhancement in several more areas, each time they were able to adapt the new workflow into the system elegantly. Their after sales service and support has been prompt, any bugs and defects reported are quickly rectified.

In this new digital era, the right technology will enable us to get ahead of competiton and provide better service to our patients, which will eventually help us increase our revenue. We know that we are in good hands with Cellsist as our software partner for years to come!

Dr Ng Tsorng Chinn
Founder Director, Faith Medical Group

Swiss Private Bank

As time goes by, the compliance requirement of our bank grew increasingly complicated. Our team were getting overwhelmed with the effort required to manually handle the account opening process.

We knew that we needed software automation. We were looking for a software vendor who is sharp enough to understand the complex requirement and equipped with the necessary software expertise to make it happen. We found Cellsist to be highly competent in both areas.

The ongoing changes in banking compliance requirement demands the software to be flexible enough to adapt over time. In this regard, we thought Cellsist did a great balancing job. The application allows for frequent but simpler modifications to be configurable by our internal admin, while more complex changes are addressed by ongoing maintenance support.

With the implementation of the software, our efficiency improved significantly and the number of errors in documentation was reduced close to zero.

Most significantly, we avoided the embarrassment of having to go to our client with wrong or outdated forms. This also means our representatives have more time to focus on the needs of our clients.

We are glad to say that the software has already pay for itself several times over. We look forward to collaborate with Cellsist on more projects in the future!

Head of External Asset Managers
Swiss Private Bank (Name withheld by request)